Kinder to 11th Grade Admission

The admissions process for Kinder to 11th Grade is held only in case we have vacancies for those grades. Please contact the admissions department for further information. Lo Barnechea Campus: Chicureo Campus:


The application process for the year 2019 will proceed according to the following format:

  • August 17-27:  application and on-line payment through the link indicated below.
  • August 28-29: you will receive the dates for the admission tests and parent interviews.

-The admission test includes the subjects of math, English and Spanish.

-The parent interviews are carried out by the school psychologist.

  • Between September 3 and October 9: tests and interviews to be held.
  • October 11-12 13 Results delivered by e-mail.
  • October 22 to 25: enrollment process and reservation of the place.

The link to access the form and enrollment process is:

Lo Barnechea: