Spectacular Rock & Roll concert at Chicureo campus

With renowned themes from some of the most important exponents of Rock & Roll, our long-awaited winter concert was held June 24 by our senior students at Chicureo, in the new casino facilities of the campus.

This exemplary show carried out by the first generation of seniors from Chicureo with their teacher Gonzalo Rojas, delighted big and small, who enjoyed dancing the Rock & Roll yesterday and today greatest classics, such as: Jailhouse Rock, Rock Around the Clock, Heartbreak Hotel, Blue Suede Shoes, Roll Over Beethoven, Good Golly Miss Molly, Hound Dog, Susie Q, Pretty Woman, Fly Me To The Moon, Route 66, I Got a Woman, Tutti Frutti, Johnny BGoode, Can’t Help Falling In Love and ShakeRattle and Roll. 

In a magical atmosphere among lights, great voices and musicians that stood out with different instruments, this great concert unfolded managing to overcome all expectations, dazzling with an unforgettable musical show, in which our students were able to transport the attending public to the golden time of Rock & Roll, showing a great staging and high level of performance.

To achieve such an excellent result, students with their teachers had to work hard for a whole year in the music class, to be able to perform on stage and give an incomparable Rock & Roll concert; also setting a milestone in this campus, as this is the first version made of such concert and, in addition, to start closing this important school stage of our Chicureo first generation of graduates.

On this occasion, our 10th graders made a full display to delight the palates of the audience, selling delicious groceries, in order to raise funds for their 2018 class trip.

It was definitely a memorable night and a first class show. Great job students and teachers!

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2nd graders visit the Buin Zoo

Our 2nd grade students of both campuses had an entertaining field trip to the Buin Zoo. They learned about the different animals of this wonderful place, accompanied by their misses.

Through this activity, our students were able to know the body parts of the animals and the differences between aquatic, terrestrial, aerial, farm and wild animals.

It was a fun and educational field trip!

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In Lintac we lived the Confederations Cup

With the purpose of bringing the students together and of sharing an entertaining moment around football, the Student Council of both campuses organized an activity in the school’s gym where the match of Chile vs. Germany and later, the match of Chile vs. Portugal for the Confederations Cup was transmitted. The students from both our campuses participated dressed in red to support the Chilean team.

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An entertaining tour by the Municipal Theater

Our 6th grade students from both campuses made an exceptional visit to the Municipal Theater of Santiago where they enjoyed an exclusive tour through the different facilities, appreciating its architecture and decoration as well as its long history with countless successes and splendid productions.

Through this guided tour, the children were amazed by the beautiful design, artifacts and glorious architecture, astonished by all the fascinating historical facts and also the dramatic incidents that this important theater has experienced, such as fires and earthquakes. Undoubtedly, a great cultural learning in one of the most important national monuments!

“The Municipal Theater of Santiago” is the oldest cultural center of the country and fundamental scenario of works from all over the world. Highlights include opera, ballet, symphonic and chamber music and theater performances. Belonging to the Illustrious Municipality of Santiago and National Monument since 1974, the Theater building was designed by architect Francisco Brunet des Baines, inspired by the French neoclassical style. It was inaugurated on September 17, 1857 with the opera Ernani, by Giuseppe Verdi, with an Italian company setting.

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Declamation contest 2017 was successfully held at both campuses

A new version of the Declamation Contest organized by the Infant level was held Monday, July 3rd at Chicureo and Wednesday 5th at Lo Barnechea.

Children from pre-kinder, Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade participated actively in this competition, with the recitation of several poems in Spanish and English.

This activity ended with a nice award giving ceremony to those who participated and stood out in this presentation.

In Chicureo campus the winners are:


Emma Ponce PK A

Alicia Ferro K D

Dania Zaro 1°D

Delfina Budiño 2°C



Isabella Cúneo PK F

Ian Fraser KE

Victoria González 1°C

Catalina Santos 2°D


In Lo Barnechea campus the winners are:


Lucía Yankovic Pk B

Victoria Ocque K B

Emilia Rochefort 1° A

Amelia Rossi 2° B



Francisco Toyos Pk° A

Emilia Montes K° A

Amaya Rojas 1° C

Yazmín Elgueta 2° C


With great pride we congratulate our students! Well done!

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Pumas, the never told story about Los Andes

Our 3rd and 4th grade students from both campuses, accompanied by their teachers, visited the Teletón Theater Thursday, June 29th, to see the play “Pumas, the never told story about Los Andes.”

During this entertaining visit, the students were able to know more about those animals that inhabited the Andes Mountains in pre-Hispanic times, some of the altiplano culture and their traditions.

The play, written and directed by Yasmin General, tells the story of the Andean puma as a main character, and his friendly coexistence with other animals such as condors, llamas, foxes, flamingos and owls that inhabited the Andes in pre-Hispanic times. This story is told through animal dolls, a magic aesthetic, music and dances typical of the Andean tradition, crossing the legends of South American peoples, from Ecuador to the southern lands of Chile and Argentina, the deserts of southern Peru and Northern Chile, as well as the Bolivian Altiplano.

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DELIBERA TOURNAMENT 2017: Lintac students present a proposal of law for the National Congress

Once again our seniors, along with Professor José Morales Mery, are participating in the Delibera tournament 2017; a national competition of initiatives proposed by young students under the objective of contributing to the country as active citizens.

Delibera is a tournament organized by the National Congress Library and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, which acts as sponsor and judge of the proposals of young people for the National Congress.

For this important tournament oriented towards deliberation and civic formation, our students developed the Proposal of law “Rh: For a society aware of its blood group”, which was thoroughly researched and delivered to the tournament in early June. In a second phase, they had to contact senators and deputies in search of sponsorships for the law and, consecutively, develop a promotional video of their proposal and a poster to deepen its diffusion. The video was broadcast on YouTube and social networks, becoming massively known.

The congressmen who have supported the initiative of our students are: senators Ricardo Lagos Weber, Patricio Walker, Carlos Montes, Alejandro Guillier and Adriana Muñoz, and the deputies, Ernesto Silva, Pepe Auth, Víctor Torres, Camila Vallejos, Mario Venegas, Vlado Mirocevic, Aldo Cornejo and Karla Rubilar.

If our students reach the goal and manage to pass all the required stages, also achieving a positive final evaluation of this initiative, they will be able to present and defend their proposal of law before the National Congress in October of this year. It should be noted that classifying in the Metropolitan Region is a very difficult task since only seven proposals are classified among the 68 schools that are participating in this opportunity. Even so, our students with their teacher have done an impeccable intellectual and creative work. This is a great initiative and our students know how to defend it. We are confident that they will have an excellent result!

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Learning from the Mapuche culture in RuKka Taiñ Adkim

In order for the students to recognize and value the importance of the Mapuche people, as part of the national identity, a visit was made to RuKka Educativa Taiñ Adkim with 1st grade students from both campuses, located in the Faculty of Agronomy of The Universidad de Chile.

In this activity organized by the Social Sciences Department, the children were able to visit the orchard and learn about the various medicinal herbs, taste typical Mapuche food, play typical games such as “palin palin” and learn inside a ruka about the history, Mapuche world view and clothing, being able to interpret diverse ceremonial musical instruments.

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