Happy Father’s Day!

Our youngest students of Playgroup, Pre kinder and kinder celebrated Father’s Day with their misses and dads in their respective classrooms with different activities, presentations, songs and dances prepared with much love for this special occasion, which took place on Tuesday, June 13th at Chicureo and on Wednesday 14th at both campuses.

During this entertaining and moving celebration our students celebrated their dads making nice handicraft work with them and with gifts made in class by our little ones. A great work that our students prepared for over a month with their misses, to surprise every dad.

Congratulations teachers and students! It was a lovely activity!

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5th grade students lived their Confession Day with joy

As part of the preparation for their First Communion, our 5th grade students of both campuses participated in their Confession Day held on Thursday, June 8th at Lo Barnechea and on June 13th at Chicureo. Our students were happy to receive the grace of God for the first time, through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

We thank Father Cristóbal Lira for his availability and generous dedication to assist our students at the campus. At Chicureo Father Juan Ignacio – whom we also thank for his affection and dedication – was the one to assist our students who finally wrote a letter to Pope Francisco expressing their feelings and impressions about their confession.

Congratulations students for this important step in your lives!

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Lintac students participate in an América Solidaria contest in favor of a better world

Under the guidance of teacher José Manuel Morales, a select group of students from Lo Barnechea campus are participating in the competition ConCausa 2030, organized by América Solidaria, sponsored by UNICEF and CEPAL.

In its second version, the contest seeks to discover those projects where young people are the protagonists of overcoming poverty in their communities. It is an initiative that, according to ConCausa 2030, seeks to “Know and spread proposals of social innovation that the young people of America are developing in their communities, by making theirs the United Nations Agenda 2030 and its Sustainable Development Objectives , a set of global goals to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all”

The students participating in this important initiative are: Ivanna Borace from 10th A, Beatriz Chekal and Nicole Kim from 11th B, with the theme “Responsible Production and Consumption”, students Benjamín Huguet and Nicolás Fischmann from 11th A, and Mora Freites of 12th B, with the theme “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

The projects selected by the jury will be announced on July 31.

We wish our students good luck and we congratulate them for these projects!

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Congratulations Miss Paula Labrín

With great pride we congratulate our teacher Miss Paula Labrín, who in the construction race won 3rd place overall in 5K and 2nd place in her category.  Congratulations Miss Paula!

Paula Labrin

Visiting the Museum of National History

Our 5th grade students from both campuses had a cultural field trip to the Museum of National History to reinforce everything they studied and learned in the Social Studies class.

In this entertaining tour through the Chilean history, our students learned vividly about the Chilean Colonial period, also visiting the Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral of Santiago, both places of great importance in the history of our country.

Definitely an amusing tour through our history!

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“Prehistory” and “Egypt” live in Playgroup Lo Barnechea

At Lo Barnechea, our young students from Playgroup started this week with the new units of “Prehistory” and “Egypt”, making beautiful handicrafts with which they decorated their hallways in school.

Excellent work students and teachers!

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Congratulations LincolnDads Lo Barnechea!

With great pride we congratulate our Parents’ Football League of campus Lo Barnechea, which at the awards ceremony of the Father’s Cup of the Municipality of Lo Barnechea, were champions of the Silver Cup and Sub champions of the same cup in the super senior and senior categories.

Go Lintac!