A great adventure through the North of Chile

San Francisco de Chiu Chiu, Death Valley, Cactus Route and Moon Valley; The Flamencos National Reserve, the Altiplanic Lagoons, San Pedro de Atacama, the ALMA Observatory and the Rainbow Valley are some of the entertaining places visited by our 11th graders of both campuses in the traditional field trip to the II Region of Antofagasta.

During this trip, which began on Friday, May 12th at Lo Barnechea and on Thursday 18th in Chicureo, our students accompanied and supervised by 4 teachers, including the Headmaster, John Seaquist, and 4 specialized guides of Latitud 90, lived a special experience and great adventure with their classmates. In addition to the aforementioned places, our students also had bicycle rides and enjoyed a sandboard afternoon, besides visiting other archaeological sites such as the Inca Coya Lagoon, Pucará de Lasana, Padre Le Paige Museum, Miñique and Miscanti lagoons, Pukará de Quitor, Meteorite Museum, Tulor Village, Toconao, Chaxa lagoon and the Topáter Monolith.

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A Great Math Assembly

On Monday, May 15th in Chicureo and on Wednesday 17th in Lo Barnechea, our students from 3rd to 5th, from 6th to 8th and from 9th to 12th grade, carried out a special Assembly around math.

At the Lo Barnechea campus, the theme presented at the Assembly of the Elementary section (3rd to 5th) was “Math Board Games” , by students Tamara Cáceres and Maximiliano Morel of 3rd grade; Miguel Pantaleoni and Lorenza Gatica of 4th grade and Alejandro Romero, Pablo Ibarra and Lucia Kasakoff of 5th grade. They did an excellent job explaining math in a playful and funny way. At the Chicureo campus, and with the same theme, our students showed how math contents and skills can be developed through board games. The students who participated in this Assembly were: Santiago Ríos of 3rd B, Martín Muñoz of 3rd D, Valentina Cid of 4th B, José Pedro Avendaño of 4th D, Catalina Raffetto of 5th C and Inara Jina of 5th B.

In the Middle School Assembly (6th to 8th) of Chicureo, the subject was: “Math in other disciplines”. This Assembly was carried out by students Grace Wu and Eitan Waissman of 6th grade; Antonia Ríos and Antonio García-Huidobro of 7th grade; Felipe Véliz and Renata Higueras of 8th grade and was presented by our 8th graders, Sebastián Sinisterra and Catalina Grosso. At Lo Barnechea, the subject presented by the students was the same one, and was carried out by Sofía Rigoli and Lucas Espejo of 6th grade, Magdalena Ponce and Francisco Pinto of 7th grade, and our 8th grade students Guillermo Sanoja and Matías Pérez. In this Assembly the presenters were Juan Ignacio Muñoz and Juan José Diaz, both from 8th grade.

In Chicureo, the High School Assembly (11th) was presented by Lucas Grez, and in it, our most outstanding students shared some tips to improve in math, with their classmates. They  were: Agustín Urzúa, Constanza Fernández, María José Fernández and Javiera Doren. At Lo Barnechea, the theme of the High School Assembly (9th, 10th and 12th) was: “Math in daily life and how to be successful in the subject”. In this Assembly the students who presented the subject to their classmates were: Stela Rosa and Nicolás Ponce of 9th A,  Juan Ignacio Salazar, María Ignacia Castro, Ernestina Mége and Bhunisha Dharamdasani of 9th B; Maite Bonilla of 10th B; and our seniors Santiago González and Agustina Castro.

Congratulations students and teachers! Great work!

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Second Educational Morning reinforces civic formation in our students

The second “Educational Morning” of the year was held at both campuses, with the aim of complementing the work carried out in the school concerning civic education, presenting strategies to promote competences related to this field, from home.

During this activity, carried out by our Department of Integral Support (DAI), the topic discussed was “Teaching history for the future: forming citizens in the classroom”, in charge of the Social Sciences Department Heads.

It is worth mentioning that this initiative seeks to help parents to develop civic skills and encourage the participation of young people and children, understanding that part of their training involves becoming citizens aware of their duties and rights, so that tomorrow they can contribute to society in the best way, from their professional activities.

Undoubtedly an important activity for our students!

Lintac students participate in challenge at Universidad de los Andes

10th grade students from Lo Barnechea campus participated in the “Universidad de los Andes challengers”, learning about “The keys to entrepreneurship” and demonstrating all their skills.

The students who participated in this activity were: Jorge Wilson, Tomás Rodríguez, René Montoya, Irina Gavrilov, Sin Park, Connor Dean, Ignacio Arenas, Nikolas Virreira, Borja Cazañas, Adrei Guerb and Nicolás Jacard.

“As a group, we woke up quite early to arrive at the Universidad de los Andes, at 9:00 am. At that time, each of the groups attending had to register in order to demonstrate their presence. At the time of registration, they were assigned a color (red, blue or yellow) different from each of the group members. This color represented which class one belonged to; I was red. After each one was assigned a color, we went to our respective classrooms”, said one of our entrepreneur students.

After attending several meetings and classes in which our students – together with sharing ideas with the other mates – learned about execution techniques of an elevator pitch; about projections and budgets; economy concepts; sustainability and social impact of an entrepreneurship, they are expected to use what they learned and make a presentation in front of a jury on May 30th, a great idea that can become a social project,  of innovation or an entrepreneurship, having the possibility of earning 2,000,000 to implement it.

“Our experience at the Universidad de los Andes was enriching, since we had the opportunity, not only to learn concepts of general economy such as finance, investment, accounting, administration, etc. (themes that are fundamental in our lives and the future), but also had the opportunity to meet and share with students from other schools (…). After a long experience at Universidad de los Andes, we realized how much we learned in such a few hours. This experience is highly recommended for anyone who wants to be informed with concepts that will help them in the future,” concluded our students.

We wish you all the best in this great challenge! Go Lintac!

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