Happy Mother’s Day!

With different presentations, songs, dances, poems and art works our youngest students of Playgroup and Pre-School celebrated Mother’s Day on Wednesday, May 10th with their misses and moms in their respective classrooms.

The commemoration of Mother’s Day was held in both campuses, and in it, our students of Lower and Upper Playgroup, Pre-Kinder and Kinder celebrated their mothers with gifts made in class by themselves.  A great work that our students prepared for over a month with their misses to make this an amusing surprise activity for each one of their moms who enjoyed this moment at school with their children.
Congratulations teachers and students! It was a lovely activity!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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DAI activity: a healthy life with the Social Networks

Our 7th grade students participated with their parents in the first meeting about Social Networks, carried out by our Department of Integral Support (DAI), whose aims are to work together on the issues or questions that may arise around the subject; the responsible use of the Internet, how to maintain a good relationship with children and how to get a healthy and responsible life integrating social networks, these being part of our life and that of our children as well.

This activity was held on May 8th in Lo Barnechea and on May 10th in Chicureo, and in it, our students with their parents worked on several questions about the yesterday’s life without Internet, identifying the main changes and comparing these with what we live today. Along with that, parents and children carried out a reflection activity, specifying the risks and benefits of the Internet and possible strategies for a better coexistence, to finally establish a commitment to the strategies to be implemented in order to prevent the new technologies affect the relationship between the family members.

It was an entertaining father-son activity!
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A Special Assembly for High School

In both campuses our students from 9th to 12th grade participated in a special Assembly, in which not only academic subjects important to our students were spoken, but they also enjoyed an amusing lecture by Paul Seaquist Caroca; son of the founders of the school and Class of 1991 alumni, who shared his life experience with the High School students.

This is the first meeting of the year with an alumni, and in it, Paul Seaquist, President of SP Records, Music Executive, Artist Manager and Director of Seaquist Dance Marketing – an artistic management company focused on the world of ballet and opera, specialized in representing the worlds’  most important dancers and choreographers – shared his life story from childhood to the present, his passing through the school where he grew up by the hand of his parents and brothers, being part of the foundation and development of Lincoln International Academy.

On the occasion, he referred to his studies, his professional development and his career as a producer and manager of artists, like great dancers such as Vladimir Malakhov, transmitting the importance of reflection in the process of choosing and defining their vocation and career. Paul, who directed the Berlin Opera and recently that of Tokyo, also shared some anecdotes of his time as a LIA student and a short story of the highlights in his professional life.

“It’s important not to be afraid to make decisions about the future. All of you have a very good education, which has already given you the tools to succeed in life. It is also important to define what is relevant and what the meaning of a successful life is to you. Do not worry and take care (…). Have courage to look for what fills your soul and be calm about the decisions you make in life. Embrace your differences and those of others and love each other,” were Paul Seaquist Caroca’s words.

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C.A.A celebrated Student’s Day

The Student’s Day was celebrated by our Student Councils (C.A.A) with many fun activities in both campuses.

From Playgroup to 12th grade the students were allowed to come in street clothes, enjoying an entertaining day that included a “sweet welcome” during the arrival at Chicureo, and as well in Lo Barnechea, after each Assembly. The Playgroup and Infant misses also had a delicious sharing snack, face painting and all sorts of games and activities.

The celebration organized by the Student Councils of both campuses, also considered activities inside each class, commemorating this day in great style with all the Lintac community.

Happy Student’s Day!

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