Who we are

LIA Special Needs, is an innovative and unique educational program for children with permanent and special educational needs, which was born of the intention to give an opportunity for development and inclusion to children with disabilities.

LINCOLN ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL NEEDS is part of the Seaquist Education group, which today has two schools, Lincoln International Academy, campus Lo Barnechea and Lincoln International Academy, campus Chicureo, and over 40 years of experience in the regular and inclusion education environment.

The Special Needs program has 3 different program modalities that are adapted to the needs of our students, gathering about 100 permanent students with different educational needs at school. We have the Regular Program (aforetime called Inclusion Program), which operates in both campus since 6 years, where students with different Special Needs attends most of the time their regular classroom, supported by differential educators when required, and works with internal and external professionals for the required adjustments.

In our Chicureo campus, we have two other programs, which began in 2014. One of them is what we call Specialized Program, created for students with Special Needs, which is based on their characteristics and potential, currently benefiting more being in smaller classrooms, with differential educators.

With the successful implementation of the Specialized Program arises our third program, called Transition, created for students who travel from the Specialist to regulate Program, and vice versa. Currently, we have about 15 students who travel between the two programs, attending certain subjects with their peers from the regular program, and some specialized classes in according to the needs presented by each student, as to maximize their skills.

To help our students in their educational work, we also have added the following professionals to join our Department of Integral Support: physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, art therapist.