The Department of Integral Support, DAI, actually has three Psychopedagogists and five Psychologists.

The Department of Integral Support (DAI) is a team of professionals whose function is focused on supporting the educational-formative task of the school period, by reinforcing the students affective and psychosocial development. In order to achieve this, the DAI schedules individual and group appointments with the students.

The DAI works promoting studentĀ“s social and emotional health as to prevent risky behaviors. To perform this function, DAI performs work individually and in groups with students from all school levels.

The group intervention is implemented through weekly classes (Guidance), which take place in every class, from Pre Kinder to 11th grade. Its main objective is to strengthen students in their individual potentialities, reinforcing their personal assessment, promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing possible risk behaviors that may arise at every stage of their evolutionary development.

The individual work is to discover potential difficulties through observation in the classroom and psychological and / or psychology evaluation of those students the present some difficulty in the social-emotional and / or learning areas. This allows determination of the support measures required for each circumstance, individual or groupal. Likewise, we seek to maintain a collaborative and coordinated work between teachers, specialists and external specialists in order to achieve a comprehensive and multidisciplinary support.

O the other hand, DAI is incharge of the Social Action program of the school. This includes visits to a poor educational establishment, with 5th to 8th grade students, and campaigns to collect material by the entire school community.

Finally, DAI works to support the work of teachers and parents of Lincoln International Academy, through lectures and special activities about different themes in the socio/emotional training of students.