Sports results

In Volleyball, our Chicureo campus selection, obtained in the Cumbres Cup the second place with the sub 13 category and the third place with the sub 15 category. On this occasion, our student Valentina Vives was chosen the best player of the sub 13 category. Congratulations Valentina!

1 sub 13 Copa Cumbres 2 sub 15 copa cumbres 3 valentina vives

On the other hand, our Colo-Colo selection of Lo Barnechea campus was appointed champion of the Newland Cup with the sub 18 category, and in the Metropolitan League, the sub 14 category obtained the fourth place, Bronze.

Added to these excellent results, a successful friendly interschool match was carried out with the sub 14 category, and a massive of volleyball in Chicureo with students of both our campuses and also of the Hebrew Institute. It was a great sporting event!

7 masivo voley 4 IMG_6612 5 voley amistoso sub 14 intersede 6 masivo voley

In Football, our Chicureo campus selection obtained the second place in premini and the third place in mini in the Pucalán Cup. In the Scuola Cup, and versus the Santa Cruz school, the triumph was for the infant category that won 3-2, for the premini category that won by 19-1, and for the mini category that won by 7-1. On the other hand, in the UC Cup, our selection of Lo Barnechea won the Almenar del Maipo school 3-2 with the intermediate category.

Our selection of Women’s Football organized a friendly triangular, which had the participation of students from both our school campuses and students of the Palmarés Villa Los Cóndores school, basic category. In addition to this entertaining activity, there also was a massive 2nd grade soccer between Lincoln Chicureo and Instituto Hebreo.

8 futbol CH9 futbol CH10 futbol FEM11 masivo futbol CH

In Athletics, Chicureo campus, we congratulate our student Andrés Refusta, who won the third place in the National Games, Regional Phase. Congratulations, Andres!

12 Andres Refusta

Finally, in Hockey, the sub 12 categoryof the Chicureo campus selection obtained the fourth place, and in Lo Barnechea, ninth place in the Newland Cup.

14 hockey LB 13 hockey CH

Congratulations to all our students and teachers! Let’s go for a second semester full of many more wins!