In Volleyball, our Chicureo campus selection triumphed over the Swiss School in sub 14 and sub 18 in the Metropolitan League, also beating Institución Teresiana with sub category 14. In the same league, our Lo Barnechea selection triumphed with sub 18, versus the Alianza Francesa.


In Football, ​​our men’s selection of Chicureo were victorious with the mini category in the Scuola Cup. On the other hand, our men’s selection of Lo Barnechea obtained in the UC Cup a 3-3 tie in intermedia with the Boston College school. In the Alianza Francesa Cup, the victory also was for our Lo Barnechea selection who won the Kent school with the children’s category, getting a 2-2 tie with the mini category versus the León Prado school and a 4-4 tie against the school owner of the Cup.

2 futbol CH 3 futbol LB

In Athletics, our Chicureo selection reached important achievements in two well-known cups, with the following results for our students:

-Santa Cruz Cup: Martín Oyarzún 2nd place 600m; Fernanda Mancilla 2nd place long jump; Rocío López 3rd place speed; Amanda Alvarez 3rd place speed; Benjamín Morales 1st place long jump / 2nd place speed.

-Nestle Pure life Cup: Andrés Refusta 1st place speed; Lara Betscheider 4th place long jump; Isabela López 2nd place 600 meters.

4 Atletismo CH 1 5 atletismo CH 2 6 atletismo CH 3 7 Atletismo CH 4 8 atletismo CH 5 9 atletismo CH 6


At Lo Barnechea, our athletics selection also won important achievements in the Santa Cruz Cup, with the following results for our students:

-Trinidad Espinal 1st place long jump / 1st place speed; Karam Hanna 2nd place speed / 3rd place long jump; Sebastian Elgueta 2nd place speed; Tomi Ivonen 1st place speed / 2nd place long jump.

10 atletismo LB 1 11 atletismo LB 2 12 atletismo LB 3

In Hockey, our school participated successfully in a new date of the sub 8 – sub 10 National Tournament, with our students demonstrating all their abilities.

13 hockey 1 14 hockey 2

Congratulations students for these excellent results!