Foreign Students Admission

In response to the provisions of Resolution N º 1336, of the year 1983, to request the validation of studies abroad and/or in unrecognized schools in Chile, the applicant must submit with the application the following background, which is done in two stages; one in the country of origin and one in Chile. There is a maximum period of one month to deliver all the following documentation.

Procedures to be performed in the country of origin:

1. Birth certificate or ORIGINAL passport.

2. ORIGINAL certificates of studies abroad, duly legalized by:
a) Ministry of Education or by the appropriate competent educational authority (the country where the studies were conducted).
b) Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country in which the certificates were issued.
c) Chilean Consulate in that country.

Studies Certificates extended in foreign languages must be translated into Spanish

3. Certificate of last level approved in Chile, prior to those made abroad, in appropriate cases.

4. Certificate of provisional registration, for appropriate cases.

5. Parents ID cards (Chilean).

Procedures to be performed in Chile:

1. Legalize documents at the Department of Legalization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, located in Agustinas 1320, Santiago (9:00 to 14:00 hours).

2. To request a validation of studies present the legalized documentation at the Department of Examinations, Ministry of Education, located in Fray Camilo Henríquez N° 262, Santiago, Phones 5897813-5897812 (9:00 to 14:00 hours), to request a validation of studies.

3. The Ministry of Education of Chile requires that our foreign students must have on file a copy of the Foreigners Identity Card. This is a general rule that all schools in Chile are required to comply. In order to make valid this document, it must be issued by the Republic of Chile, it must be requested at the Civil and Identification Registry (Telephones: 7822000 ó 7822484). It is necessary to indicate clearly that those students which do not have this document on file at the end of the school year, may not be included in the official records of the school, and therefore, the Ministry of Education cannot validate the students´ studies in our country. According to the official regulations in such case, the school has no right to appeal and the parents must resolve the school situation of the student in the Ministry of Education.