High School

In this stage the students develop a level of skills and advanced knowledge that prepares them for college or other instances of higher education therefore they participate actively in research work with a study program that includes over 2000 hours/year supervised by highly qualified professionals. The class schedule is from 7:50 am to 16:30 pm in both campuses.

Furthermore the students develop art, sports and community service activities that are part of an integral educational project so by the time they finish their high school studies they have had the opportunity to interact in diverse instances not only in the academic learning process but in different life environments. Our students receive in-door full preparation for the university entrance examinations where they have obtained high marks in this process therefore making it unnecessary to attend other special schools for this matter.

As they finish their high school studies Lincoln International Academy students will have a solid bilingual education in the scientific humanistic and technical artistic areas enabling them to face the future standing tall and confident that they are prepared academically and emotionally for the demands of higher education in Chile as abroad.