Department of Integral Support (DAI)

Within the educational and school environment in which it is inserted, the Department of Integral Support seeks to help the management of the administration and teachers, and also the students with transitory special needs who require it. The department counts with psychologists and psychopedagogists.

DAI was created with the purpose of providing the students with an integral development.  The DAI professionals have designed wokshops oriented towards issues such as  school climate, healthy life habits,civilian participation and formation. They also work on many other subjects like for example healthy relationship, family, self-confidence, self care and interpersonal relationships, among others. Additionally, DAI  makes group interventions with one group or a determined  level according to  a specific requirement or occurence of circumstances that call for special work;   sessions  programmed by the students’ life cycle in which their families might be included as well.

The role of DAI is not therapeutic.