Outdoor Education


To develop love for nature and outdoor life is one of Lincoln International Academy’s objectives. With this purpose in mind and together with Latitud 90’, since the year 2016 the school develops an outdoor study program from 2nd through 11th. grades with diverse and amusing field trips, because we know that only if our children know about their surrounding and relate directly to it, they will become future promoters and defenders of a sustainable Chile.

The field trips are gradual an are carried out in 2nd.,4th. 6th.,8th. and 9th., grades as well as in 11th., with the School Field Trip, an exceptional adventure through the North of Chile, where by different instances the students achieve a deep contact with the culture and proper nature of the heart of the Atacama desert.

In addition to these outings is the traditional “Lincoln’s Route” travel to USA, especially created by the school for the high school section, to follow the life and work of Abraham Lincoln where the students through an unforgettable voyage have the opportunity to get a close encounter with emblematic places of the history of the United States of America and those most fascinating places in the life of the ex-north American president, following in his footsteps and experiencing in first person his important history.

In all of these outings the students are accompanied by their teachers, Latitud 90’ specialized guides and by the school’s Director, Sir John Seaquist, who is always present in the students’ most important moments.

This program also allows us to work on the development of character and the formation in values of our students in the different stages of their school life by encouraging teamwork and also generating instances of sincere and open conversation. Educational outings also reinforce friendship bonds, generate experiences and manage to get the best out of each of our students.