The Physical Education Department is focused towards the child’s growth process in sports recreation and competition as well as in the emotional aspects, evaluating the students one-to-one according to their achievements and capacities. This Department deals with children since the Play Group section and follows up in their evolution until 12° grade, favoring the individual growth process and the team work over results in sports. This does not prevent us from having sports teams with the best exponents in each one of the disciplines we practice in school. The disciplines are: Track and Field, Soccer (Female and Male), Volleyball, Basquetball and Hockey.

Sports Infrastructure:

Gym: Appropriately illuminated room, adequate for different sports. It has a locker room with showers and bathrooms. The gym is used for physical education classes as well as for extracurricular sport activities and special school events.

Sports Fields: Lo Barnechea campus has two outdoor courts. There is also an outdoor synthetic grass field appropriately illuminated and a synthetic rubber athletic track for races from 50 to 80 meters, built by the prestigious firm Moeckel & Weil. Chicureo campus has a synthetic grass soccer field that measures 90 by 60 meters, a 130 meter running track, both built by the prestigious firm Moeckel & Weil. It also has two natural grass soccer fields and a long jump pit.